Plain and simple, I love to speak.

The main reason I love to speak is because I thoroughly enjoy having a major impact on a large group of people.

There’s nothing better than being on stage, saying something and hearing the audience go ‘ummmm’ and you know that sound means they had an ‘ah-ha’ transformational moment from something I said.

Sounds selfish, but its real. And I promise I will REALLY transform your audience and have an impact.

I’ve been told my speeches are informative, entertaining (I’ve been known to sing and play guitar on stage as well) and that people walk away inspired and with the tools to take action.

I can speak about pretty much anything related to digital marketing, internet entrepreneurship and being a smart digital business man or woman in this day and age.

And I can speak about transformation in general of the body, mind and soul. Even more specifically how that relates to being successful in business.

As far as speaking services are concerned, I’m happy to do a keynote, be a panelist; do a private Q and A for your company, following, customers and/or subscribers.

I can also emcee your event.

I also love doing private hangouts and webinars to groups. I’ve done 100s of webinars in my career and I know they are very impactful because I have documented proof that some of the biggest names in marketing model my webinars.

If you’d like to discuss me speaking to your group, please contact me through the Contact link at the top of this site and indicate as such and my assistant will reach out within 24 hours.

I look forward to having an impact on your group!


With Rock Star Bret Michaels at a Charity Auction

Internet Underground Keynote

Mega Partnering Keynote

Copies of recent webinars, teleseminars and interviews can be provided by request as well.