I didn’t grow up thinking I would be an internet entrepreneur. Partly because the internet didn’t exist until I was well into college and also because my parents pushed me towards the job/traditional career route.

But growing up, I always portrayed entrepreneurial tendencies and habits.

Just to name a few:

I worked really well alone…

Once I set my mind to something, I dove in head first and did whatever it took to see it through (good or bad)…

I took risks…

I started renting my toys to other kids… 😉

I started a lawn business when I was 12…

I was always trying to find a better way to do things and I always thought I could do things better than they were being done…

I always wanted to lead groups of people, causes, etc…

But even with all of those signs, tendencies and behaviors if you will, I went through school and got a college degree…

In music!

I quickly realized that I didn’t want to be a starving musician and went into the corporate world as a database programmer (my Dad always said musicians make good tech people because they are analytical… go figure).

I quickly realized I was unemployable.

I hated someone else telling me, when to work, how to work, what to wear, etc.

Then I got laid off 3 times in 4 years.

That REALLY, REALLY sucked! And I’d had enough with ‘Corporate America’!

And it was the lowest point of my career. I had a new wife and my first kid on the way. No health insurance and we lived in a small apartment. And lots of debt to overcome.

Probably the worst time to start a business.

But I couldn’t STAND ‘Corporate America’ anymore. I wasn’t about to go get another job.

Screw that!!

This was my chance… Years later and 5 kids like I have now… Probably would’ve been too late.

This was it… This was my shot to do something different.

So, I ‘channeled’ and ‘resurrected’ those youthful entrepreneurial tendencies and just started trying stuff.

MLM… a DJ business… building websites for people… selling insurance… flipping houses (and other real estate stuff)…

I had some success at those things, but quickly realized I DID NOT know how to build a profitable, sustainable business… I knew how to create a job for myself and make short-term cash!

Then it hit me when a mentor of mine said, “Stop studying what kind business you can start! You need to study successful business people and learn how to be a businessman.”

Best advice I ever got! (Thanks Bruce)

So, I started studying how to be a REAL businessman.

I started applying what I learned and how to take my raw entrepreneurial talent and turn it into an empire that fed me, my family and others for lifetimes.

About that time, digital marketing came into my life.

I started working for a real estate investor who was doing educational webinars online and selling courses on real estate investing.

He hired me to do some tech stuff and some light marketing but I came in and took over his business.

I streamlined his business, found new profit centers and built it into a well-oiled, profitable machine.

Unfortunately, after about a year, his philosophy started to clash with mine and we parted ways.

But, I had done something else the ENTIRE time I worked with him. I built a network of people and key relationships.

You see, he just wanted to make money… Whereas, I wanted to build a business… Build a future for me and my family’s future.

So, he would send me to networking events and I met tons of people and started building very key business relationships.

When we split, I took all of my experience and those relationships with me into my first internet venture.

I knew I was ready.

I launched am online training course where I taught entrepreneurs how to be more productive. It was called “Go BE Productive”.

When I launched it, I went to all of the key relationships I had built and convinced them to promote my course to their built-in distribution networks (their subscriber lists, blogs, Social Media, etc)

I had a relationship with them and they had a relationship with their audience. So, I leveraged that to the nth degree!

From that initial launch of “Go BE Productive”, I built a multiple six-figure, information publishing business in a matter of weeks, which over the next 2 years turned into a multi-million dollar information publishing empire.

I started speaking on stages.

With people like… Eric Trump (youngest son of Donald Trump), Steve Wozniak (Co-Founder of Apple), Michael Eisner (Former CEO of Disney) and Arnold Schwarzenegger…

I even got to use my musical talent on stage… I sang “Every Rose Has It’s Thorn” with Bret Michaels (Rock star frontman of the band Poison and successful entrepreneur himself). You can see that here:

I wrote a best-selling book called “The New Masters of Online Marketing”.

Then I started spinning off more digital or internet based businesses from the success of my information publishing company.

A data analysis and email marketing company; a business coaching, training and development company; a digital marketing agency; more information marketing and publishing brands; an ecommerce company with multiple brands; and an ecommerce fulfillment, 3rd-party logistics, packaging and prep company.

All the while, I continued to MASSIVELY build my network and build key relationships.

Soon, I started helping other people build their businesses and really developed a HUGE passion around that.

A passion to go out and help other entrepreneurs build a real, honest, sustainable and profitable business that focuses on ROI, Profit, Growth and doing Great things for society, their communities and for humankind.

I became a philanthropist as well. Giving money and time to causes and organizations that I had a great passion for like St. Jude’s and the University of Houston (my alma mater).

And during this entire time, I became a better husband and a father as well. Which are my two greatest accomplishments.

So, here I am today… Wishing the same for you and here to help you do just that if you desire and want to leverage my experience.

But for you we’ll do it bigger, better and faster than me… I want you to outgrow me… Maybe even replace me.

I’m ready when you are…

To YOUR success!



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